Innovative Tower Defense!

A tower defense game with enemies like no other. No more snaking on predetermined path but an unpredictable tidal wave of bugs destroying everything in its path. In Forest Spirit they won't stop at anything, they will munch their way through defenses and trees even flow around objects to find the quickest way to a delicious hearth of the forest - the tree of life.

This forest needs some debugging!

A sea of evil bugs is flooding into an old magical forest and it's Spirit is calling to you for help! You have to rush to it's defense and defeat wast army huge and mutated bugs!

In "Forest Spirit" you are defending the magical forest by planting various trees and plant, covering every angle and overcoming wave after wave of various type of bugs. But it won't be easy as the bugs destroy anything that gets in their way, so you have to be smart when placing your defenses.

Can you stop the tidal wave of bugs? Will you be able to save the forest and it's spirit? Maybe you will even find out who is behind this invasion!

Great Campaign!

You can play through our single player campaign, choosing your way though 23 challenging levels and finally facing the great terror! You will fight against 10 dangerous bug types using 7 cool plants and 4 powers of nature. On your way, as you unlock new abilities, you can also upgrade them and choose from 18 upgrades to specialize your build for your play style!

If you beat the campaign you can try again on different difficulty or test different build!

How long will you survive?

You can also challenge your friends in survival levels, where you will face endless waves of bugs, upgrading your build on the fly! Who will have the highest score?

Each survival level has different set of plants and spells you can use and you can upgrade them during the survival from the start! Great for finding the best build for any map!